At Last, The Secret To BEST EVER TOKENIZATION Is Revealed

To get Ecto-tokens you need to worship Ectofuntus. Fill your inventory with nine buckets, 9 pots, and nine bones. You also need to be wearing a Ghost Converse Amulet to get Ecto Tokens. Head to the Ectofuntus (use your planet map if you are having problems discovering it), it really is located just north of Port Phasmatys. As soon as you are there, follow these swift measures:

First head to the east aspect of the space and climb the stairs. You will discover a loader there that you can use your bones on. Do this and then right simply click on the grinder and pick “wind bone grinder.” Proper simply click on the bin next to the grinder and decide on “empty bin.” One particular of your pots will fill up with bone meal. arowana Repeat this for all nine pots.
Head back down the stairs and go down the trapdoor at the west facet of the room.
This space has several floors, but all you have to do is wander close to the room to get to the next staircase. Head down to the bottom in which you will uncover a pool of slime. Use your bucket on this 9 times.
Head back again to the major ground and correct simply click on the Ectofuntus in the middle of the area. Choose worship and one bucket of slime along with a single pot of bone meal will be emptied.
Worship the Ectofuntus nine occasions and retrieve your Ecto-token from the Ghost disciple standing in the place. You get five Ecto-tokens for every worship, so that provides up to a whole of forty five tokens! As soon as once again, make sure you are sporting your Ghost Speak Amulet or this phase will not function.
What are Ecto-tokens employed for?

Ecto-tokens are most popular for getting necessary in the Ghosts Ahoy quest, despite the fact that they are needed for all the pursuing quests:

Ghosts Ahoy calls for 31 or a lot more Ecto-tokens to complete.
Animal Magnetism requires 20 tokens to comprehensive.
Creature of Frankenstrain calls for two tokens to full. However, it does not need any if Ghosts Ahoy has already been completed.
Creating Background requires two tokens to total, but once yet again not required if Ghosts Ahoy is presently concluded.
Rocking Out needs twenty five tokens to comprehensive.
You can acquire a trip to Dragontooth Island for twenty five Ecto-tokens.
Right after Animal Magnetism, you can acquire and Undead Rooster for ten tokens.
Previous, you can spend 5 Ecto-tokens for ale-yeast. This is a full rip off thinking about the Grand Exchange price for ale-yeast is thirty cash.
Alright! Now you know how to get Ecto-tokens and what they are utilized for. Have enjoyable!

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